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Jammel Cutler (@JCut_NBA) For more than 50 years Madison Square Garden (MSG) has been synonymous with basketball. MSG holds a rich history that includes the NIT, the BIG East tournament, and the NCAA tournament. If you make it to this grand stage you could consider yourself one of the greats. “College Basketball and MSG has a long and strong connection. There’s nothing like a big time college basketball event in the world’s most famous arena,” BIG East Commissioner Val Ackerman said. Many historic moments has happened at MSG. Moments such as Kemba Walker’s...Continue reading »

Jammel Cutler (@JCut_NBA) Following a good showing in the A-10 tournament, Dayton is becoming this year’s NCAA tournament Cinderella team. Dayton has pulled an astonishing upset over heavily favored number three, Syracuse, to advance to the Sweet 16. “It’s unexplainable, man, especially for me. I had a coaching change early on in my college career. Coach Miller came, and it’s been a process. Last year was a little bit more of a down year. To come back this year, my senior year, with this group of guys to be able to get to the Sweet 16, it’s unexplainable. I’m...Continue reading »

Jammel Cutler (@JCut_NBA) Today Jakaar Sampson has announced that he’ll turn pro and enter the 2014 NBA draft. “It has been my lifelong dream to play in the NBA, and I am excited and ready to begin that journey. I am grateful to my teammates and coaches at St. John’s. I would like to thank Coach Lavin, our staff and my teammates for being there for me throughout my whole career at SJU. We have been through a lot together and I know everyone is excited for me,” Sampson said. Sampson’s 6’8” height combined with his 6’11” wingspan will...Continue reading »

Jammel Cutler (@JCut_NBA) The chants were loud, and the chants were vicious. On March 19, an estimated group of 100 protesters filled the streets of 33rd and 6th avenue in protest of Knicks’ owner James Dolan’s ineffectiveness of running the once proud franchise. “Dolan is the worst owner in pro sports. He’s worse than Jerry Jones, “ one anonymous protester said. As the rain came down, their chants became louder and boisterous. “We just want Dolan to know that there is a fan base out here that wants the franchise to be ran as effectively as it can. He’s...Continue reading »

Argun Ulgen (@Argun_M_Ulgen) 1. The NCAA places limitations on the number of scholarships a school can offer in each individual sport.  Men’s football is allocated 85 scholarships (3.86 starting lineups worth).  No other four college sports combined are offered as much financial assistance.  In the Olympics, “amateurism” dictates that each gold medal is worth the same weight in gold.  All sports are created equal in the spirit of competition. In the NCAA’s version of “amateurism,” the opposite mentality is encouraged. 2. According...Continue reading »

Jammel Cutler (@JCut_NBA) St. John’s basketball program has done something that no basketball team in NYC has done this past year, and that’s bring NYC basketball back into the national spotlight. Being on the cusp of a NCAA tournament selection, St. John’s has a BIG EAST record of 10-9 with an overall record of 20-12. Additionally, they boast an RPI rating of 61. “This group has taken us for a ride that I’ll never forget. To have a team that started the league 0-5, and at one time had a record of 9-8 overall and 0-5 in the conference, finish in league 10-8...Continue reading »

The Brown Mound of Sound Advice (@BrnMndSndAdvice) PICK’EM UP Tim Hardaway Jr. – You can bet that the Knicks will have all stations manned for their playoff push and will be firing on all cylinders. Junior has has had 20, 22, and 28, respectively, in his last 3 games. His FG% has not been lower than 63% and he’s hit 10 three’s in that same span. P.J. Tucker – He had a nice line on Saturday, consisting of 11 points, 10 boards, five steals and one 3-pointer. The Suns are in fighting position for that 8th playoff spot, and he’s one of the key Phoenix...Continue reading »